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Underage Drinking

Underage drinking or drinking underage is one of those crimes which most people have committed, but only a few are actually caught and prosecuted. If you are one of the unlucky one’s who is caught, the penalties are very high. A criminal conviction can have harsh ramifications for young persons looking for their first job in today’s competitive, relying on financial aid for ever increasing tuition bills, and other consequences. Even first offender status is very strict as it involves a loss of driver’s license, extensive community service, expensive and time consuming drug education classes, and steep fines. Don’t submit yourself to either a criminal conviction or first offender status without first speaking with a lawyer. Let an attorney who knows the Constitution to review the facts surrounding your case to see if there is any issue to try to fight the charge and get it dismissed. A lawyer should only look for a plea bargain after a careful and meticulous review of your case, and if it does come to that, don’t try to strike a plea yourself. Instead, have an experienced attorney negotiate your plea deal.