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Drug Charge DISMISSED!!!

5.0 stars

Posted by Sarah 
February 17, 2018

I’m an idiot and was out partying and got charged with a felony. It was a stupid mistake. Im a college student and thought my life was over. I didnt want my parents to know but i told my sister, and she gave me matt’s number, he helped her on a traffic case. i called him and we spoke, and my sister gave me her credit card so i could pay him. We went to court and he got things worked out where the felony was dismissed and all i had to do was community service and this drug class at my school. Thank you Matt!!!

son’s marijuana charge dismissed

5.0 stars

Posted by Sarah 
December 11, 2015

My son was wrongfully arrested over his exgirlfriends marijuana. I called some lawyers about this and they all said my son would be found guilty but could do a first offender program. Mr. Pinsker was the only lawyer who thought otherwise, and he was right and got the charge dismissed. My son did not have to do any first offender program or community service.

Did the JOB!!

5.0 stars

Posted by Catie 
October 14, 2015

Matt was instrumental in ensuring our son received the best outcome to his charges. Within the first 2 weeks of attending school as a Freshman, our son was arrested on 2 separate charges, (possession of marijuana & under aged possession of alcohol). As parents, these charges seemed daunting, but Matt took care of our son and he received fair and reasonable outcomes to both charges. Not only will his record remain clean, but he also will be working towards learning a good lesson. Having to hire an attorney during our son’s Freshman year in college was not something we had planned, but definitely money well spent. Thanks, Matt!

Knowledgeable and honest

5.0 stars

Posted by Steven 
September 25, 2014

As a college student being charged with underage consumption of alcohol and drunk and public, I was scared and confused. I consulted Matt Pinsker and found him to be courteous and professional, and he put me at ease as he explained the situation and helped me through it. Thanks Matt!