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traffic ticket

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
March 2, 2018

Very professional lawyer, reduced my moving violation to non moving violation.

Hired Mr. Pinsker to help with a ticket

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
February 14, 2018

I had been ticketed in Henrico county which is about 2.5 hours away from where I live. I searched around and did some checking and Matt seemed like the best option after having spoken to a few lawyers in the area. He was very clear and concise with what he thought about my case, what he would need from me, and how he would proceed moving forward. When the court date arrived he delivered spectacularly by having the case dismissed which was a big relief for myself.

I would absolutely hire him again in the future if needed.

Favorable Outcome

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
October 13, 2017

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly. Handled my speeding aggressive driving traffic case and I got the charge dismissed – best possible outcome. He was always easily available over the phone. I would hire again and recommend to others. Thanks Matt!

Matt Pinsker, Attorney

5.0 stars

Posted by Chris 
October 5, 2017

Matt represented me in Henrico County court on a traffic violation. We spoke on the phone and via email and he was professional and very responsive.

My offense was dropped 2 notches as a result of his effort. Very please with Mr. Pinsker, and would use him again – but hope I don’t have to 🙂

Traffic Court –Favorable Outcome

4.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
July 20, 2017

Mr. Pinsker was very approachable, organized, reliable, and patient. He explained the charges and case against me clearly, thoroughly responded to all questions posed via written or oral communication, and was timely in most of the follow-up. He was honest about the potential outcomes and shared experiences in similar matters in the past. What stood out most to me was that Mr. Pinsker cared that I felt calm, understood what was happening, and he went out of his way to help me feel at ease while still aware of all potential outcomes. I would recommend him to someone in similar circumstances and although I hope to never be in need of legal representation again; I would go back to him.

Professional, Efficient and Effective

5.0 stars

Posted by Fred 
June 27, 2017

Matt was great, he helped me with a traffic matter and ended up getting a great result for me. He was quick and professional, not wasting any time and ensuring me not to worry about anything. I was comfortable enough that I forgot about the entire thing until Matt emailed me to let me know everything was handled with a very favorable outcome.

Beat the case

4.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
June 25, 2017

Me. Pinsker was able to get a ticket I received for a traffic accident dismissed. He only asked that I provide him with some personal information (past driving record for instance). Other than that I didn’t have to do anything. Not even show up in court!

The case got delayed several months because of Mr. Pinsker’s duties in the Army Reserve, but it got taken care of with no hassle on my part.

Matt Pinsker is the best traffic lawyer I could have ever hired!

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
April 28, 2017

Matt was amazing at pursuing my case. He not only got my case dismissed as my lawyer but also made me feel like he was a close friend doing everything he could to make the turnout go in my favor. I highly recommend him on anyone’s next case!

Excellent Traffic Attorney!!

5.0 stars

Posted by Staci Reno 
December 12, 2016

Matt did an excellent job handling my case. His prices were reasonable, he had a positive attitude, and responded immediately to all of my emails. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and friendly attorney who handles traffic and speeding cases.

Great attorney

5.0 stars

Posted by Tony 
April 12, 2016

Matt did a great job handling my traffic ticket. His predictions of how the case would fare were spot on, he did a good job keeping me apprised of all the developed, and he ultimately obtained a great outcome for me (dismissal). On top of all that, Matt is a genuinely nice guy who’s very easy to talk to. Overall, I’d highly recommend Matt.

Thankful for all the help Matt Pinsker was able to provide.

5.0 stars

Posted by Robert D 
November 20, 2015

Living out of state, I was panicked when I found out about my ticket troubles in Virginia. Matt was able to remove those tensions immediately. He jumped on my case from the very first phone call and was able to build a case for my defense right away. What really made a difference for me was his reliability, whenever I needed to go over information, he was there. For someone who lives 9 hours away Matt was a life saver. Matt was able to save me a huge headache in fines and legal battles. He was incredibly efficient and kept me in the loop with my case throughout the entire process, and for that I am so thankful.

Thanks Matt

Great Representative

5.0 stars

Posted by Jeff 
November 11, 2015

Matt successfully represented me for a speeding violation and failure to display license plate. Both charges were dismissed. Court cost for both charges were the only thing that I have to pay.

Excellent lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
November 11, 2015

I found Matt here on avvo, and he was the only lawyer that actually personally answered the phone. All the lawyers I contacted I only received advice from their secretary, or investigator. From the beginning Matt was positive and he was able to get my ticket dismissed. I cannot speak highly enough about him.

Deserves every good review written

5.0 stars

Posted by Donyale 
September 5, 2015

We were driving thru Virginia from Florida and got a reckless driving ticket. We were clocked doing 99 in a 60. Fully expected to get the heavy of the punishment, instead received the lowest fine Matt has seen for that speed. Matt is very personal and very affordable. I highly recommend his services.

Mr. Pinsker Was a Pleasure To Work With

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
January 13, 2015

Mr. Pinsker was a true pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable of the process and possible outcomes. He worked with me to revive the best results and I would highly recommend him to any one who receives a traffic violation in Richmond, VA.

Outstanding Service!

5.0 stars

Posted by Dougr1980 
January 7, 2015

I am very pleased with the results obtained. I was involved in an accident and issued a failure to yield right of way citation. I contacted Matt and let him know what the situation was. He went to court and was able to have my case dimissed with no points against my license upon completion of driving school. Thank you!!! If you are in the Richmond, VA area and you need someone on your side who knows the law and will get you the outcome that you want, CALL MATT PINSKER!

Excellent Knowledge

5.0 stars

Posted by Praveen 
November 13, 2014

Matt Pinsker helped me in a Traffic Case and appeared in Court and I would recommend Matt Pinsker for his Traffic Attorney Services.

Good Traffic lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by Michael 
October 4, 2014

Mr. Pinsker took my case to trial and after presenting the evidence, the judge found me not guilty. He was courteous, listened to me and what I wanted, and made every effort to get a favorable outcome. He also made several suggestions, and kept me informed of the progress of my case. He also made it so I wouldn’t have to rent a car and drive for 4 hours to show up to court.

Moving citation case

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
October 1, 2014

I would recommend Mr. Pinsker to anyone seeking “Great” representation. Mr. Pinsker fought on my behalf, and in result of his professionalism and persistence, my traffic violation was dismiss.

Thank You,


Jerome D

Excellent outcome

5.0 stars

Posted by Brian 
September 20, 2014

After being contacted by the law firm I was sold on the ability of getting me out of a bogus traffic ticket. They made me feel that this was not uncommon and not to worry. The fee was very fare and the outcome perfect. Thank you for making me feel better.

Excellent service with great results!

5.0 stars

Posted by Russell 
September 18, 2014

I hired Matt to represent me in a recent traffic case. He was successful in getting my charge reduced and no points on my record.

That’s how it’s done. Thank you.


5 Stars

Matt was very knowledgeable, professional, and quick to respond. I feel confident that he was able to achieve the best possible outcome and would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of legal counsel regarding traffic defense. I felt his fees were reasonable and well worth the reduced penalty!

Alsten Tauro

5 stars

I was stressed about a traffic violation when it occurred. I immediately called Atty. Pinsker and left a VM. Always leave a VM. He will call you back!! He called me back in two hours, and provided solid advice. He reassured me of the situation, and gave me options. Fortunately, I never had to apply his advice, but having him walk me through the mind of a police officer, talk me through the legal jargon, and reassure me, gave me enough peace of mind. He is worth the call. I hope I never have to use his criminal or traffic defense services, but if I did he would be the first person on my list to call.

Car Accident

5.0 stars

Posted by Milyn
June 20, 2019

I was involved in a car accident back in March that i needed to attend court for reckless driving.This is my first time to time to attend court and i dont know what to do.I look up online and found Matt Pinsker and read a lot of good reviews.So i called him and scheduled a consultation the same day.He explained and work me through the process.When i went home the burden was taken off my shoulder.He was successful in reducing my case to non-criminal improper driving.He is awesome! Thats why i give him 5 stars!

A little complicated but no problem

5.0 stars

Posted by Tom
September 10, 2019

Mr Pinsker handled what was a bit more than a simple traffic issue without breaking a sweat. I’m completely satisfied with the outcome, and highly recommend Matt without reservation.

Couldn’t Be More Pleased. Highly Recommend Mr. Pinsker.

5.0 stars

Posted by Mark
December 18, 2019

Mr. Pinsker worked to help us with a moving violation. Throughout the entire process he was professional, knowledgable, and delivered fantastic results.
Mr. Pinsker from the onset provided us with a good understanding of the process, and the potential outcomes. His experience with these types of matters is very evident, giving us the comfort that we engaged the right person for the job.